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Mencius, the Chinese philosopher, said the best things in life come in threes: like friends, dreams, and memories. That certainly remains true in modern times and friendships, dreams, and memories are a big part of what make us able to have happy and successful lives.  Mesquite Senior Games has its own set of “threes” that are vital to making it successful in its mission of promoting the health and fitness of anybody 50 and better.  

First, we have our athletes.  Without them there would be no fun competitions, no smiling faces brandishing a gold medal, and no new friendships forged over the love of throwing a ringer.  Our athletes are amazing.  Long gone are the days of youth where athletics came so easily.  But still they push on.  Like Lone, our 81-year-old golfer, who after two shoulder surgeries said it was important to her to swing that golf club again just to see if she “still could.”  She could and she did and she won herself a gold medal.   Or Ray, our 90-year-old bowler, who is the first person in line at every tournament.   Or how about Celestine, who just this summer, had the guts to compete in the first ever tournament of her 62 year old life.  And let’s not forget Juliano, who at 90 years of age was indignant we didn’t have an age division that old in target pistol. (We do now!)   Our athletes aren’t as fast as they used to be. They aren’t as accurate as they used to be. But one thing they all have is the drive to get out of bed each morning and challenge themselves.  Every one of our senior athletes is a super star.





Second, we have our volunteers.  These folks show up at 6 AM to help set up the track, put up tents, or organize the registration desks.  They keep their math skills honed by scoring everything from horseshoes to cornhole to bocce. They are the wheels that keep Mesquite Senior Games rolling along. Like Diane, who has a talent for paper art and keeps us organized with her cool name tags.  Or Marc who shows up to chase golf balls at long drive.  And we can’t forget Sharon and Shelton, our 80-year-old husband/wife team that started volunteering 20 years ago and are still going strong.  And one of the best ever, Brenda, who can build a website in the m

orning, organize a golf event in the afternoon, and then make flyers before bedtime.  Every one of our volunteers are key to the success of our mission to keep our seniors active and health.

The third element is our sponsors.  As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit we rely on donations and sponsorships to keep producing quality senior athletic events.  W

e’ve been blessed to have the support from Mesquite Gaming as our Title Sponsor and they’ve made it possible for us to grow our organization over the years.  New on board as our Annual Healthcare Sponsor is Alignment Healthcare.  Their award-winning Medicare Advantage Plan offers comprehensive medical and prescripti

on drug coverage to seniors here in Clark County. We’re excited to welcome them to the Mesquite Senior Games family and look forward to a partnership bonded in the health and fitness of our seniors.

If you are interested in how you can get involved as an athlete, volunteer, or sponsor, please visit us at or call 702-345-3347.   We think joining our team will give you some great opportunities for friends, dreams, and memories.  And we bet Mencius would agree!



About the Author

Amy Bradshaw was born and raised in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  After moving to Portland, OR in 1979, she worked in the legal field as a criminal defense trial assistant and investigator for 12 years, followed by 30 years as the founder and owner of an art gallery.   Retiring to Mesquite NV in 2018, but unable to sit still for long, she is now the executive director of the nonprofit, Mesquite Senior Games.

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