Ride Through Snow Canyon In Style

The St. George Magazine team had the opportunity (and extreme pleasure) of enjoying a team outing to Blue Raven Bikes and Xetava Café. Located in the Kayenta Art Village, right next door to each other, these hidden gems offer a unique experience for locals and tourists alike. Though Xetava has been around for 15 years, Blue Raven Bikes is a new addition added next door three months ago by the same owner.

We get so busy at work sometimes, so bogged down with everyday responsibilities, we forget the importance of getting away from the hustle and bustle to recharge our batteries. Blue Raven was the perfect place to do just that. There were over a dozen trails to choose from, each offering serene views of the beautiful local landscape. Some options included historical trails like Anasazi and more popular trails like Bear Claw Poppy. We opted to ride a trail through Ivins to Snow Canyon and spent most of our time riding around in the park.

All of our bikes offered smooth rides! The boost made it a dream going up steep hills (even for our heavier set editor). Each of our team members rode a Rip Current which was able to handle the constantly changing terrain. The owner feels E-bikes are the “great equalizers” because they allow riders of all abilities to ride together. The throttle has the power to bring the bike speed up to 20mph without the need of pedaling (though relying solely on the boost will quickly drain your battery within a couple hours). A fully charged battery can take a rider 40-60 miles on average. The more you pedal along with the assist, the longer the battery will last. It was the first time on an e-bike for all of us, but it was so quick to pick up! A short time riding around in the parking lot before getting on your way will be all you’ll need to become a master! If you can ride a bike, you can ride an e-bike. All you really need to know is how to balance. Other than that, there really are no restrictions on who can or can’t ride a bike. Everyone should give it a go!

We can’t recommend Blue Raven more! The feeling of sweeping through the wind without having to break your back, the extraordinary views along the trails, and the delicious lunch after all combined for an outing we won’t soon forget! Be sure to wear closed-toe shoes and bring along sunscreen, sunglasses and a camelback as preparation. Helmets will be provided.  Be sure to plan on a meal at Xetava afterwards as well.

Xetava is one of our community’s best kept secrets! Open for over fifteen years now, the restaurant has relied solely on word-of-mouth advertising to make a name for themselves. After fifteen years, you can clearly see that’s all they’ve needed. The quality of their food and service makes it impossible to not want to share with a friend. A few of the dishes we ordered were the Xetava Burger, the Salmon Tacos, and the gluten-free Peach Ginger Chicken. Everything was fresh and served promptly. Don’t forget to wash it down with some of their famous blended Lemonade Supreme, made with coconut, vanilla and fresh mint! To keep the adventure going, feel free to pack your lunch to go and make your way down to one of several beautiful locations close by for a nice picnic.

We’d love to hear about your experience with Xetava and Blue Raven Bikes. Send us any photos and share your thoughts on whatever awesome trails you went on to info@justinc145.sg-host.com. Xetava doesn’t take reservations, so just pop on over before or after your ride, but do book your bike in advance at Blue Raven. You can get all the info about each business at xetava.com and blueravenbikes.com. Check out their full selection of available e-bikes, including full suspension mountain bikes by Specialized and Trek HERE.

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